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Culture and the Hierarchy of Needs

Culture Simply- On August 3rd, I hosted a discussion about Culture. I titled the discussion Culture Simply. Most of us know that culture is not simple. This facilitated a great discussion about culture and its evolution in today’s society. One of the participants asked if there was any culture expectation for a company, as far… Read more »

Your Culture Team – Get your team in step with your Culture Change

How do you Get your Team in step with your Culture Change? by Marla J. Noel Where’s the Trust Success in employee support of your company culture process depends upon your current relationship with your employees. If there is a reason for your employees to lack trust in you, integrating your employees into the culture… Read more »

The Culture Process- by Marla J. Noel

Happiness When you run a business or a component of a business, you are responsible for the people that work for you. You are responsible for their happiness and satisfaction for their lives at work, to some degree. Each person is responsible for their own happiness. However, you will have a lot to do with… Read more »