How to Drive Culture- Learn how to have a great environment for your employees. This will impact business success. This will help you hire and keep great people.


You Have a Great Place to Work

If you think you have a great culture, why do you think this? Because you are nice to your employees? You treat them with respect and pay them well. Is that enough? Is it because you have a great business?  You may be right, and your employees may be as happy as seagulls following a fishing boat.

Darn those Employee Surveys

We thought we had a great place to work, until we surveyed our employees. We were surprised. There were many complaints or concerns, more so from certain departments over others. You cannot have 100% happy satisfied employees. However, we expected better results.

Great Benefits, not enough. We need Great Culture

The employee surveys were okay, just okay. We thought we had a great culture, and great benefits. We had great benefits. If employees do not feel appreciated, benefits matter little. Employee happiness is not your only responsibility, but, managing the business with employee happiness in mind is your responsibility. We can never forget that we can impact how our employees feel, and we can improve the employee’s enjoyment of their work at your business.

Let’s Get to Work to improve our Culture

How do you have the best environment for the employees? It is not easy and not a short process. This is a long-term commitment, and one that good companies are committed to. As hiring good people becomes more difficult, the culture becomes a key element of a good sustainable business.

There are steps to accomplishing a great culture. Even if you have a good environment, can it be better? Jim Collins wrote about how Good prevented some businesses from achieving Great.  I have 10 steps to developing a great culture. They are not easy, and they take time, however, you can do it. I will include the 10 steps in future blogs.

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