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We partner to help you with the major decisions and issues but don’t want the hassle of a partnership.

We work with small to medium size businesses, $5 million to $100 million in revenue. We will help with the growth process, to develop the vision or to inspire the existing vision.

To achieve the vision, we will develop strategies so your organization can accomplish the vision, then create a plan to achieve the strategies.
Entrepreneurs frequently struggle with accountability. We can help with accountability, which will help to accomplish the strategies and achieve the vision.

There are many cornerstones to the Growth process, including:

  • Executive Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Training
  • Communication
  • Culture Evolution

We can help with the challenges that are a part of your business, so that you can enjoy your business.


Executive Development

Knowing what to do and doing what we know we should do are two different things. Many of us are easily distracted by the bright shiny objects, those exciting things that deter us from our main business. Sometimes we need someone asking the important questions to help us maintain the focus we need to keep progressing through the growth process.

  • Focus on the vital few
  • Avoid the whirlwind
  • Get rid of the distractions

We can work with you to ask those important questions and help you maintain the focus you need to build your business.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a process, and sometimes, not an easy one. Frequently, a whirlwind hits us, so that effective strategic planning never happens.
A good strategic plan will take an effective planning session, which includes;

  • A Clear Vision
  • Accurate information
  • Active participation from key players
  • An effective agenda
  • A process for carrying out the agenda
  • Follow up to ensure that the plan is followed, as agreed upon

We can guide the Strategy process, so that you can manage your business and pursue your strategy with our help.

Team Training

Management of others is not a simple task. Many managers must learn the tools of effective leadership, including; Team building, Effective delegation, and motivation while having a solid understanding of the business and the financial impact of their responsibilities.

  • An effective team learns to work together, create a positive environment and develop the relationships that can inspire success in an organization.
  • The art of delegation is a learned tool, and must sometimes be cultivated to grow and help others grow. Each manager must understand what can be delegated, then determine how to follow up as a process to affect the desired outcomes and help the staff learn and develop knowledge and skills.
  • Motivation is a process promoted by clear vision for the business path, which is communicated and understood by the team, then follow up with a reward system to inspire and encourage. This is one of the more difficult challenges of a leader, when the focus of running a business may make it difficult to see the needs of others.


This is probably one of the biggest challenges in business today. Even with all of the means of communication, how do we ensure that the important information is disseminated and received by those who need to know. We help both Family businesses and small to medium sized businesses between $5 million and $100 million in revenue.

We can help Family Businesses to ensure that the business moves forward with all of the participants understanding the course of the business. We assist with Family meetings and succession planning for future generations.

We can assist in the process of developing an effective means of communicating with all of the stakeholders, including Board members, staff, owners, vendors and the public.

Culture Evolution

Your Culture is a reflection of your values and your beliefs regarding your business, or it should be. However, if you do not manage your culture, it will be created by the members of your team, and may not be what you want.

We help to manage a process to evolve your culture.

We provide a method to maintain the culture.
We have the tools to measure the culture.


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